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Annual Stampede Parade

You can use the (+) and (-) buttons to zoom in and out of the map, and move the map using the hand cursor. To get detailed route & important points information, click on the icon in the map that looks like this: google


The parade takes the following route:

  1. Begins at 2nd Street SE and  Ash Avenue S.E. and travels west.
  2. Turns right at Maple Avenue
  3. Turns left at 1st Street S.E. 
  4. Turns left at 6th Avenue S.E.
  5. Turns left at 2nd Street S.E.
  6. Turns right at South Railway Street
  7. Turns right at 3rd Street S.E.
  8. Turns right at 5th Avenue S.E.
  9. Turns left at 1st Street S.E
  10. Finishes at the corder of 4th Avenue S.E. and 1st Street S.E. (at the Esplanade)